Looking Online for Gifts

Today when most people shop, the first place they look for what they want is online but the problem is there are so many different websites selling such a wide variety of products that you rarely know where to start. If however you are looking to shop for a gift for a man, there is one website you should always start at and that is the official website forBullets2Bandages. This is the company website for a company that specializes in gifts for men and their selection offered is very unique and cannot be found in the high street stores and so regardless of who the gift is for, it is unlikely that they would have received any of these gifts before but, even if they have, they can be personalized by engraving or etching and so they will always be one-offs, never duplicated.

Apart from being able to be personalized, what makes these gifts unique is the fact that they are designed with military ammunition as their theme and some are actually made from military ammunition, like cartridges. Where actual ammunition is used it has of course already been used once and so is totally harmless despite how real it may look. The idea of using military ammunition as a theme was the brain child of the company’s founders, both ex-servicemen that had served as officers in the navy’s explosive ordinance branch. On retiring from the military they put their expertise of ammunition to a more creative purpose, the designing of gifts for men. As veterans the two ex-navy men wanted to help other veterans and so they decided that a percentage of all their income from this venture would be donated to either a veteran’s organization or a veteran’s charity so each individual gift is a double gift; a gift to the recipient and a gift to veterans.

The founders knew that a munitions theme would appeal to men but what surprised them was the fact that so many women took an interest in their items, so many in fact that they had to start to include pink as one of the colours of some of the items, whereas before they had only offered all their items in colours of OD Green, silver or black. Their inventory increased again when a number of bars and clubs started to show an interest and wanted them to make items that could be used in bars.

Today their inventory consists of for men, cuff links, key chains, bottle openers and coasters, mainly coloured OD Green, silver or black and similar items for women coloured pink. For bar use the inventory includes six shooter shot glasses, pint glasses, beer trays and beer pump handles. Probably their most popular item is the 50mm bottle opener. This makes a particularly good gift as it is unique, practical and often becomes a focal point for conversations and as they are engraved with personal details, they will never forget the occasion on which they received it.